Istana Budaya


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Istana Budaya - 从 Inside, Malaysia
Istana Budaya - 从 Inside, Malaysia
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Istana Budaya
📍 从 Inside, Malaysia
Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Istana Budaya is a world-renowned performing arts venue for local and international culture. It is also the hub of Malaysia’s performing arts industry and is a landmark for locals and tourists alike. It showcases world-class performances of traditional and modern dance, theatre, music and art. One of its premier attractions is the Istana Budaya Cultural Gallery which holds a collection of photographs, artefacts and other memorabilia. The iconic facade of Istana Budaya stands tall against the vibrant Kuala Lumpur skyline. Inside the sprawling four-storey venue, you will find two world-class auditoriums and a state-of-the-art theatre setup. This is a must-visit for all arts enthusiasts, culture vultures and performing arts lovers.

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