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Geltnach - Germany
Geltnach - Germany
📍 Germany
Geltnach is a small, picturesque village situated in the foothills of the Alps in Biessenhofen, Bavaria, Germany. The village, which consists of just a few homes and farms, is surrounded by rolling grasslands, wooded areas, and nearby farms. Here, visitors can find peace and quiet by simply strolling along the gravel roads, taking in the views of the Alps. Hiking trails in this region have been around since the mid-1800s and offer stunning panoramic views of the valleys, mountains, and forested areas that make the area unique. Geltnach also has the remains of a medieval castle, and there are plenty of opportunities to find wildlife that inhabit the surrounding areas. Visitors can take a guided walk through the village with a local expert, or simply explore the area on their own. For those looking to capture some beautiful pictures, the village also provides a wealth of incredible photo opportunities.

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