Galleria Umberto I


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Galleria Umberto I - 从 Inside, Italy
Galleria Umberto I - 从 Inside, Italy
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Galleria Umberto I
📍 从 Inside, Italy
Galleria Umberto I is a public shopping centre in the heart of Napoli. Built in the 19th century, the central area is decorated with roof frescoes, while its four large galleries offer exclusive shops, elegant cafes, and more. It’s the central meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Don’t leave the Galleria without visiting the spectacular small chapel in the centre of the building. The stunning Art Nouveau tiling pays homage to the history and culture of the area, just as the architecture and mosaics do. You can take a stroll along the galleries and admire the impressive volume of the grand staircases, the subtle details in the decoration, and the vaulted roof above. Take in the unique atmosphere created by the galleries coming together in an exquisite mix of symmetric beauty.

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