Fort's Streets


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Fort's Streets - 从 Pedlar Street, Sri Lanka
Fort's Streets - 从 Pedlar Street, Sri Lanka
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Fort's Streets
📍 从 Pedlar Street, Sri Lanka
The Fort's Streets in Galle, Sri Lanka are the most colorful and vibrant streets of this city and bring to life the beauty of a UNESCO World Heritage site. These streets retain their original 17th century architectural style and exude the quaint charm of a bygone era. The cobbled pathways, the old houses and buildings, the wooden pillars holding up the roof of the old houses and the rustic doors are a sight to behold. Half-destroyed walls with creepers, alleys with wide arches covered in bright bougainvillea and thick walls speak for a past historic era. During the day, visitors are treated to the hospitality of the local cafes which serve Sri Lankan dishes. At night, street-side street vendors light up their food stalls with fluorescent lamps and offer lip-smacking Sri Lankan street food. A walk around these streets provides stunning views of the imposing Dutch galleon walls. The old lighthouse and clock tower, built during the colonial era, adds grandeur to this beautiful old city.

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