Fort Ross


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Fort Ross - United States
Fort Ross - United States
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Fort Ross
📍 United States
Fort Ross is a former Russian settlement located in Sonoma County, United States. Founded in 1812 by the Russian-American Company, the fort was an active fur trading establishment through 1842 and a considerable presence during the Russian-American period of California history. As a historical monument it stands today, surrounding the restored revival-style Fort Ross Chapel built in 1840. An outline of the palisade and a blockhouse can still be seen from the surrounding hills, along with the windmill, a sweeping view of the ocean and beaches, and a variety of natural wildlife. Visitors to Fort Ross can explore the five reconstructed buildings, the cemetery, and the large fortified area, while a variety of special events, guided walks, and period reenactments provide a glimpse of the frontier style of life. The park has been designated as an official California Historic Landmark since 1909.

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