Fort National


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Fort National - 从 Parking, France
Fort National - 从 Parking, France
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Fort National
📍 从 Parking, France
Fort National is a stunning historical fortress in Saint-Malo, France. It stands as a guard to the entrance of Saint-Malo Harbour, perched on a rocky island in the English Channel. It was built in the mid-1630s to protect the bay and is a major attraction in the area. Visitors can explore the history and architecture of the fort by following the ramparts which cover the whole island. This includes visiting the underground tunnels, gun casemates, artillery, baths, and dungeons. There is also a lighthouse located at the highest point of the fort, offering beautiful views of the Irish Sea, Channel Islands, and the famous ramparts of Saint-Malo. The fort can be easily accessed from the port by boat or on foot, depending on the tide. For photographers, Fort National has amazing opportunities for capturing amazing views and details of its stunning rocky architecture.

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