Elizabeth Castle


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Elizabeth Castle - 从 Drone, Jersey
Elizabeth Castle - 从 Drone, Jersey
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Elizabeth Castle
📍 从 Drone, Jersey
Elizabeth Castle is a large fortification located in Jersey, situated in the bay of St Aubin. Built by the English in the 16th century, it has been occupied and fought over many times throughout its history. Inside the castle walls, visitors can find the Jersey Museum, an interesting collection of artefacts and paintings which tell the story of the Island's history and how Elizabeth Castle has been important for Jersey's economy and defence. The castle itself is open to visitors who can explore the many defence and earthen towers and take in some wonderful views of Jersey from the elevated grounds. There is also a tourist train operating from the entrance giving visitors a guided tour of the grounds. The castle is a great place to explore and perfect for photographers, who can capture stunning views of the castle and bay and get creative with the many angles on offer.

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