Driftwood Beach


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Driftwood Beach - United States
Driftwood Beach - United States
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Driftwood Beach
📍 United States
Driftwood Beach is an iconic, picturesque spot on Jekyll Island, Georgia. This stunning surf-washed, sandy beach is made up of an array of driftwood cast up by the surf and sea. It's a magical place for photography, and it's surely one of the most photogenic places on the coast of the U.S. With hangars of bleached driftwood set against blue-green waves, white-capped crests, and soft colors, it's a photographer's paradise. Climb up the driftwood logs and explore the small, narrow paths with lagoons, inlets and tidal flats. As the beach is sometimes covered in sand and sometimes completely bare, it always offers something new and unique. Get creative while capturing the stark shapes of nature at play in intricate detail and endless beauty.

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