Dom St. Peter


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Dom St. Peter - 从 Inside, Germany
Dom St. Peter - 从 Inside, Germany
Dom St. Peter
📍 从 Inside, Germany
Dom St. Peter is a late Romanesque-style historical Episcopal Church located in the city of Worms, Germany. It was built in 1217 and is one of the largest churches in Germany. Standing tall at over 91 meters, it is a unique piece of architecture with a distinct classic red sandstone exterior, three massive naves, and a church garden filled with baroque sculptures. Dom St. Peter is home to some of the most impressive history-inspired art, like the choir gallery, the bridge of angels near the entrance, the Renaissance-style reliquary chapel, and the colorful stained-glass windows. Visitors can also find the remains of many Roman and Frankish kings and poets who have been laid to rest here. Touring inside and outside, this majestic monument beckons reminders of the past and the powerful force of Christianity. Visitors will be able to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of this stately church and marvel at its storied history.

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