Devils Tower


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Devils Tower - 从 Tower Trail, United States
Devils Tower - 从 Tower Trail, United States
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Devils Tower
📍 从 Tower Trail, United States
Devils Tower is a fascinating geological formation located in northeast Wyoming. It is the first U.S. National Monument and features a soaring 867-foot oasis in the middle of a largely flat prairie. Devils Tower is a great place to visit on a family vacation or an outdoor adventure. It was formed over 50 million years ago when molten rock beneath the surface cooled and hardened. After being exposed to the elements, it now stands as a monolithic configuration of hexagonal columns.

The property consists of 1,347 acres of trails and paths, which are open for sightseeing, hiking and exploring around the tower. There are a variety of things to do including ranger-led activities and interpretive programs. One popular activity is the 'Climbing the Tower' program, which allows guests to experience the thrill of scaling the vertical cliffs at the Tower. Wildlife can often be seen while out on the trails, and lucky visitors may even get a glimpse of the local prairie dog colonies, elk, and bighorn sheep. Visitors to the area can also visit nearby attractions, like the Belle Fourche River, which leads to beautiful views from the surrounding overlooks. Other hidden gems in the area include HULETTS Petroleum Museum, which documents the history of Wyoming's Petroleum and Yellowstone National Park, one of the most iconic National Parks in the US. No matter what you choose to do in the area, you won't be disappointed by a trip to Devils Tower. Its unique geology and natural beauty make it an unforgettable adventure!

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