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Deir - 从 Front, Jordan
Deir - 从 Front, Jordan
📍 从 Front, Jordan
Deir is a charming village located in the mountains of Uum Sayhoun in Jordan. It has been inhabited since ancient times and is still home to a few thousand people, who eke out a living by farming, raising livestock and growing olives.

The village is magnificently positioned on top of a hill and is accessed via a windy and narrow road passing through an array of beautiful landscapes of terraced fields and threshing floors, constructed on the plateau overlooking Wadi Araba. The village is surrounded by sand stone cliffs on both sides, adding to its dramatic landscape. The views from the top are breathtaking, and include the nearby shelters, the Sheikh Khazne complex, and the Treetop Monastery. The cliffs on the northwest have the most intricate colors and morphology, characterized by fascinating shapes and colors, varied through erosion and rising, with narrow canyons in between – the perfect landscape for photographers. Visitors can find small pathways that lead to the cliff, and take a beautiful hike through it.

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