Cucumber Falls


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Cucumber Falls - United States
Cucumber Falls - United States
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Cucumber Falls
📍 United States
Cucumber Falls is located in Ohiopyle State Park in the United States. The falls is easily accessible from the nearby Great Allegheny Passage Bike Trail. With raging rapids and a 50-foot drop from the Laurel Highlands, the falls create a beautiful spot for visitors and photographers alike. There is a viewing area at the base of the rapids, which makes it easy to take in the sights around the falls. The viewing area is located in the woods, where the setting sun is sure to offer some amazing photographic opportunities. Ahead of the viewing area is a blackened boulder wedged into the center of the river, a powerful waterfall forcing its way around and through it. Enjoy the scenery here at Cucumber Falls and take in the beauty of Ohiopyle State Park!

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