Conservatory Garden


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Conservatory Garden - 从 Viewpoint, United States
Conservatory Garden - 从 Viewpoint, United States
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Conservatory Garden
📍 从 Viewpoint, United States
The Conservatory Garden in New York City is a 6-acre oasis of beauty in Central Park. This tranquil spot features a variety of plant life, beautiful pathways, and a spectacular formal garden. The garden is divided into three distinct areas, each with its own charm and beauty. The North Garden is a romantic flower garden with a variety of seasonal blooms and a grand fountain, while the South Garden is a traditional English garden with boxwood-lined pathways and a pleasing variety of plants and shrubs. The Italian Garden is the centerpiece of the park and offers visitors a unique blend of bright blooms, fountains, statues, and a lovely pergola. The Conservatory Garden also contains a family monument and a pet cemetery with grave markers.

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