Clarke Quay


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Clarke Quay - 从 Boat Quay, Singapore
Clarke Quay - 从 Boat Quay, Singapore
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Clarke Quay
📍 从 Boat Quay, Singapore
Clarke Quay is a restaurant and bar district located by the Singapore River in Singapore. This chic downtown scene offers a variety of amazing eateries, rooftop bars and colorful nightlife. With its luxurious cruises and riverside cafes, Clarke Quay is a favorite spot for locals, expats and visitors alike. Here you can enjoy international cuisines against a backdrop of riverside views and live music. The riverside bars are the main attraction, making this area a prime spot for nighttime entertainment. With its cosmopolitan vibes and picturesque views, Clarke Quay is a great place for an evening out. Even during the day, there’s plenty of things to do at Clarke Quay, from outdoor shopping and dining to night cruises and clubbing. Its central location makes it easy to explore the rest of the city.

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