City Hall


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City Hall - 从 N Broad Street, United States
City Hall - 从 N Broad Street, United States
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City Hall
📍 从 N Broad Street, United States
City Hall in Philadelphia, United States is a magnificent building and a must-see in your travels to the city. Designed by Scottish-born architect John McArthur Jr. and constructed between 1871 and 1901, the building features a 276-foot-tall clock tower, a sculpture of civic leaders William Penn and Thomas Stretch, and a grand arched entrance. The interior boasts marble floors and intricate stonework. While pleasurable to marvel at from the exterior, tours of City Hall offer visitors a chance to explore its historic nooks and crannies and learn more about Philadelphia’s government and its HVAC building regulations. It stands as testament to Philly’s dedication to public resources and culture.

Visitors will find City Hall conveniently located in the middle of Center City, at the intersection of Broad Street and Market Street. Neighborhood streets in the area are home to restaurants, theaters and shops.

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