Cimarron Canyon


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Cimarron Canyon - 从 Parking, United States
Cimarron Canyon - 从 Parking, United States
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Cimarron Canyon
📍 从 Parking, United States
Cimarron Canyon is a stunning area located in the northerly reaches of New Mexico just 40 miles west of the cowboy town of Eagle Nest. This outdoor playground spans several miles of forest, meadows, and rivers. The breathtaking landscapes support wildlife, rivers, and lakes with some of the most stunning fall colors in America. Visitors to the canyon can see cliffs and beautiful riversides, great for hiking, camping and fishing. There are also several historic sites, including an old cowboy town, the summit of Cimarron Peak, and a rusting steam engine. Cimarron Canyon State Park also has one of the most popular mountain bike trails in the state and is becoming increasingly popular for weekend races. Visitors can hike or mountain bike the rugged trails, take a kayak down the Cimarron River, or go rock climbing and rappelling. Whether you want a peaceful stroll or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Cimarron Canyon is the perfect place to explore.

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