Chiostri di San Martino


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Chiostri di San Martino - Italy
Chiostri di San Martino - Italy
Chiostri di San Martino
📍 Italy
Chiostri di San Martino is an eclectic mix of Renaissance, Baroque, and contemporary pieces of art located in the heart of Naples, Italy. Along with its importance as an art museum, it is also home to a large library, representing the historical past of the city of Naples. In the courtyards you will find an array of sculptures and paintings from Renaissance artists, such as Michelangelo and Titian. Further inside, you will also find an impressive collection of Neapolitan portraits from the 18th century. Additionally, the Correale Chapel, which is situated in the museum, holds some of the oldest manuscripts known in the world. As you explore the Chiostri di San Martino, you will also be able to marvel at its architecture, a mix of Gothic and Neoclassical elements. With its artwork, history and grandeur, Chiostri di San Martino is a great place to explore on a trip to Naples!

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