Chernigovskiy Skit


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Chernigovskiy Skit - Russia
Chernigovskiy Skit - Russia
Chernigovskiy Skit
📍 Russia
Located in the beautiful historical city of Sergiyev Posad, the Chernigovskiy Skit is the oldest monastery in Russia. Founded in the mid-13th century, this architectural masterpiece served as a spiritual center of the Eastern Slavs since the conception of its construction. As the first residence of St. Sergiy for almost 30 years, it was a pilgrimage site for many Russians. Today, the monastery consists of a bell tower, several monk cells and churches, and a sacred underground lake. During your visit, you can enjoy exploring the grand architecture and its captivating legends. Be sure to take time to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of the place and be sure to take some souvenirs from the monastic shop. Evening concerts of monastic choirs can also be experienced here.

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