Bridge over Tscuí river


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Bridge over Tscuí river - Costa Rica
Bridge over Tscuí river - Costa Rica
Bridge over Tscuí river
📍 Costa Rica
The Bridge over the Tscuí river in Sheuab, Costa Rica is a popular destination for tourists and photographers. As the bridge crosses over the wide and beautiful Tscuí river, visitors are treated to exceptional views of the lush vegetation that neighboring Sheuab is famous for. Visitors can walk along the bridge and take in the views of the river and surrounding natural surroundings, engaging with local fauna and flora. The old stone arch bridge is a perfect example of the country’s colonial Spanish architecture. Following the bridge, visitors can explore the the sprawling vegetation of the nearby Sierra Talamanca Cloud Forest Reserve. If you’re feeling brave, locals also rent out zip-lining tours for adventurous visitors looking for a thrilling experience.

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