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Brandspuithuisje - 从 Walkade, Netherlands
Brandspuithuisje - 从 Walkade, Netherlands
📍 从 Walkade, Netherlands
The Brandspuithuisje is located in the historic centre of IJsselstein in the Netherlands. Built in the middle of the 17th century, it is a historic, picturesque cottage with its own gate to the end of the Breestraat. It is one of the longest-surviving old houses in the Netherlands and is nowadays a museum owned by IJsselstein town council.

The building features two floors and a ground floor cellar. The exterior is painted in traditional Delft blue with white stone frames and is topped by a cone-shaped tiled roof over the kitchen. Inside, visitors can see a range of old Dutch artefacts, such as Delft tiles, Delft blue pottery and furniture, that reflect the past of the Netherlands. The interior also features various works of art related to the history of IJsselstein. Visitors will find a wide variety of photo opportunities here, from the historic building and its charming gate to its kitchen and artifacts. The Brandspuithuisje is open for visitors during the summer season and offers guided tours if booked ahead of time.

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