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Blaserturm - 从 Marienplatz, Germany
Blaserturm - 从 Marienplatz, Germany
📍 从 Marienplatz, Germany
The Blaserturm is situated in Ravensburg, a charming German city located in Baden-Württemberg. It is a historic watchtower constructed in the 13th century by the local guilds. The tower stands a solid 36 meters tall, making it the second tallest free-standing urban tower in Southern Germany. It is a popular attraction for visitors, providing a stunning panoramic view of the valley, city and Lake Constance beyond. A guided tour of the interior is available for those wishing to see inside. For visitors looking for a truly unique experience, the top of the tower can be accessed from the inside of the tower and the views from the platform cannot be matched. For those with an appreciation for Gothic architecture, the brickwork and detailing of the tower is sure to impress. Whether you are just passing through or staying in Ravensburg, the Blaserturm provides a great way to explore the local history and take in incredible vistas.

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