Berlin's Buildings


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Berlin's Buildings - 从 Historische Ampelanlage, Germany
Berlin's Buildings - 从 Historische Ampelanlage, Germany
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Berlin's Buildings
📍 从 Historische Ampelanlage, Germany
Berlin's Buildings and Historische Ampelanlage is a reflection of the incredible mix of history, culture, and modern life in Berlin, Germany. Located on the same street in Berlin's Mitte district, this combination of sights skillfully illustrates Berlin's transition from the old to the new.

The glowing, historic Ampelanlage dates back to 1949 and consists of a variety of unique and colorful traffic lights meant to encourage pedestrians to safely cross the streets. It’s a charming, colorful reminder of the city's post-war history Nearby is a stunning collection of 19th and 20th century architecture that represent the city's transition from its Imperial Prussian grandeur to the industrial energy of the 1980s. The streets, squares and extravagant facades of these buildings provide a glimpse of Berlin's long-standing history. From the Berliner Dom to the Berliner Olympiastadion, there’s something for any photographer or traveler exploring the sights of Berlin. Also nearby is the impressive Free University, one of the most internationally prominent of the universities in Germany. Its grand entrance, flanked by two large sphinxes, makes the perfect backdrop for any traveler's photos. There’s no shortage of history and sights to witness in the area, making it a must-see spot for any visitor looking to get a taste of Berlin's rich cultural past.

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