Baška's Beach


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Baška's Beach - 从 Beach, Croatia
Baška's Beach - 从 Beach, Croatia
Baška's Beach
📍 从 Beach, Croatia
Baška's Beach, located in the popular tourist spot Baška, Croatia, is a stunningly beautiful Mediterranean beach. Situated on the island of Krk, it boasts two kilometers of pebbled coastline backed by a majestic view of the Velebit mountains. With its crystal clear blue waters and sandy shores bathed in sunshine, visitors will want to stay here all day long. The beaches are well-equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers, providing the perfect spot for a summertime siesta. Ample amenities can be found nearby, such as souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking are popular activities, and boat excursions can be taken from the marina. Inland, there's a picturesque town to explore with its historical churches, streets and landscapes to admire. The views along the coastline are breathtaking, making it a great spot to take in the stunning nature. Whether you are looking for an action-packed vacation or a tranquil escape, Baška has something for everyone.

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