Aula Magna ex "Santa Lucia"


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Aula Magna ex "Santa Lucia" - Italy
Aula Magna ex "Santa Lucia" - Italy
Aula Magna ex "Santa Lucia"
📍 Italy
The Aula Magna Ex "Santa Lucia" is a historical building located in Bologna, Italy. Originally built in the 18th century, it is one of the city's most awe-inspiring sites. The facade is composed of several Ionic columns and is graced with a bust of Santa Lucia sculpted by Giovan Battista Lombardi. Inside, there's a large hall characterized by a beautiful ceiling with a fresco by Francesco Mancini and 12 medallions by Giuseppe da Carpi. The sala below is composed of paintings, sculptures and decorations in marble, bronze and concrete. You can also visit the beautiful ancient cloister, featuring a marble with Latin inscriptions. To get to this beautiful site, you can take bus number 26 and get off at the “Santa Lucia Stop”.

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