Astronomical Clock


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Astronomical Clock - Georgia
Astronomical Clock - Georgia
Astronomical Clock
📍 Georgia
The Astronomical Clock in Batumi, Georgia is a must-see for those visiting the city. Located in the city center, the fascinating clock was designed by the city's mayor and constructed in 1910-11. Not only is the clock an impressive feat of engineering, it also has a captivating story behind it. The clock incorporates seven planets, twelve zodiac signs, a lunar calendar, and detailed sculptures. As an added bonus, the clock is lit up at night which creates an even more otherworldly atmosphere. Astonishingly, the clock continues to function after being destroyed during the Russian-Ottoman War in 1820, and continues to stand as a symbol of the city’s resilience. Visitors to the astronomic clock can also explore merchants and fortune-tellers, who still inhabit the area around the clock.

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