Arco di Pomodoro


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Arco di Pomodoro - Italy
Arco di Pomodoro - Italy
Arco di Pomodoro
📍 Italy
The Arco di Pomodoro - architectural monument located in the small Italian commune of Castellamonte - is an intriguing monument to behold. Made of stone and red brick, the arch was created by a renowned Italian sculptor using geometric shapes and ornamental designs. Designed by Carlo Orsenigo, its structure was completed in 1928. Rising up with its unusual design, the arch is today one of the main attractions in the small commune as it offers a unique perspective over the surrounding landscape. The arch serves as a perfect spot to capture some great photographs of the valley below, with its brickwork providing a charming foreground. Although nowadays Castellamonte is more known for the production of wood-burning stoves, it offers an interesting piece of cultural and historical heritage that is well worth a visit.

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