Arco De Portupekoleze


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Arco De Portupekoleze - Spain
Arco De Portupekoleze - Spain
Arco De Portupekoleze
📍 Spain
Arco De Portupekoleze is an 18th century historical monument located in the quiet village of Lizarraga, Spain. It was constructed to commemorate a famous battle that occurred in the nearby town during the War of the Spanish Succession. It stands at an impressive 10 meters tall and is a stunning example of Spanish architecture that has withstood the ravages of nature and history. Visitors to the area can take a short walk in the nearby olive groves and enjoy breathtaking views of nearby mountaintops and a cool breeze from the nearby ocean. Lizarraga also offers a number of excellent restaurants and cafes to satisfy the travelers’ appetite. There you can also explore a number of historical churches and enjoy its quaint cobbled streets. Arco De Portupekoleze is an iconic landmark that should not be missed when visiting this part of Spain.

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