Víti Lake


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Víti Lake - 从 Viewpoint, Iceland
Víti Lake - 从 Viewpoint, Iceland
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Víti Lake
📍 从 Viewpoint, Iceland
Víti Lake is a stunningly picturesque crater lake in Iceland. Situated near the Krafla Volcano, it is filled with crystal clear, turquoise blue water, formed from underground geothermal springs. It is believed to have formed from an ancient volcanic eruption and is now well known amongst both locals and travelers alike for its natural beauty. Surrounding the lake are towering columns of basalt rock and volcanoes, creating a truly phenomenal landscape. From the lake's edge, you can see the nearby Mývatn Lake with its rocky shoreline, snow-capped mountains, and a myriad of wildlife. Explore the lake's surroundings on a relaxing hike and take in the stunning views of this Icelandic gem.

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