Via Emilia San Pietro


Via Emilia San Pietro - Italy
Via Emilia San Pietro - Italy
Via Emilia San Pietro
📍 Italy
Via Emilia San Pietro is a beautifully preserved section of the ancient Via Emilia Roman road, located in the city of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. This charming pedestrian street is lined with an array of traditional shops, restaurants and cafes, each with attractive facades. At the end of the street, the imposing Piazza San Pietro can be found with its imposing San Pietro Gate. This impressive gate is still one of the main monuments in the old Roman Empire, and is a great example of Italian Renaissance architecture. Beyond the gate, the grand San Pietro Cathedral can be found. The cathedral has a unique mix of Renaissance and Baroque elements, making it a popular spot for its architectural beauty. A visit to Via Emilia San Pietro is the ideal way to acquaint oneself with the history and culture of the Reggio Emilia region.

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