Veste Coburg


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Veste Coburg - 从 Walls, Germany
Veste Coburg - 从 Walls, Germany
Veste Coburg
📍 从 Walls, Germany
Veste Coburg is an imposing fort-like structure overlooking the town of Coburg, Germany. Visiting the castle and its surrounding grounds is a must for travelers and photographers alike. The castle is in excellent condition and houses numerous collections of art and other artifacts. Visitors can also explore the castle's over 450 rooms, including the Vault of Art Treasure; the Coburg Armory, with weapons and armors from centuries past; and the Imperial Chapel, with its wonderful stained-glass windows. The surrounding park, which includes the Coburg Gardens, is full of serene pathways, tree-lined avenues, ponds, and streams. With its stunning views and wealth of history, Veste Coburg is a photographer's paradise and a must-see attraction in Coburg.

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