Veltrusy Chateau


Veltrusy Chateau - 从 Courtyard, Czechia
Veltrusy Chateau - 从 Courtyard, Czechia
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Veltrusy Chateau
📍 从 Courtyard, Czechia
Veltrusy Chateau is one of the most important landmarks in Czechia and is located in Veltrusy, a small town just outside Prague. The elegant Baroque castle, built in 1590, is complete with a terrace and park, and has 4 grand stories. According to legend, the castle was originally built by nobleman Vilem Mansfeld and named after his daughter, Veltruzka.

Today, the castle is open to the public and visitors can explore the many halls, its royal chambers and the courtyard. Inside there is a very extensive collection of Czech and Baroque artifacts, including furniture from the 17th century and tapestries from the 18th century. The castle also has a library, a small chapel and a gallery of paintings. Visitors come to see the unique architecture of the castle as well as stroll through the nearby park. The park includes many romantic trails that follow along a quiet stream, giving visitors the feeling of being far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visiting this castle is a great way to explore Czech history and bask in the beauty of the Baroque architecture.

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