Turtle Temple


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Turtle Temple - 从 Entrance, Taiwan
Turtle Temple - 从 Entrance, Taiwan
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Turtle Temple
📍 从 Entrance, Taiwan
Turtle Temple, located in Jiant/Jen-Der Village in Yilan County, Taiwan, is a unique temple dedicated to a group of miraculous turtles that are believed to be capable of providing good luck. The temple is believed to have originated more than 400 years ago, when the first turtle appeared in the temple's pond. Since then, more than 500 turtles live peacefully in the pond and their shells are now considered a symbol of good luck. The temple also has a number of sculptures designed to pay tribute to the turtles and their special powers. Visitors can take part in special ceremonies and rituals at the temple, or even feed the turtles. In addition to the turtles, Turtle Temple also features numerous shrines, sculptures, and artifacts that give the temple its unique atmosphere. If you're visiting the Yilan area, Turtle Temple is definitely worth a visit.

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