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Trapani - 从 Panorama Erice Tramonto, Italy
Trapani - 从 Panorama Erice Tramonto, Italy
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📍 从 Panorama Erice Tramonto, Italy
Welcome to Trapani in Erice, Italy! Located atop a mountain on the west coast of Sicily, Trapani is known as the City of The Wind. From the old city center, you can experience the region's stunning views, beaches, and architecture. Trapani is particularly famous for its beautiful alleys and the historical Normano-Arab Castle of Venus. Strolling through the old city streets, you can experience the rich history of this region. Be sure to take a walk through the Torre di Ligny, which stands at 205 meters, and climb the Spanish steps leading up to the castle. Outside the city center, there are miles of sandy beaches that make it a great spot for beach lovers. Enjoy a boat trip to the Egadi Islands and experience all their breathtaking beauty. Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the delicious typical Trapani dishes, such as 'sesa e finu' and 'busiate alla trapanese'. Have a great trip!

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