The Torch of Friendship


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The Torch of Friendship - United States
The Torch of Friendship - United States
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The Torch of Friendship
📍 United States
The White Cliffs of Dover, located in England, is a majestic sight to behold. The famous chalk cliffs are epitomized in the local tune “The White Cliffs of Dover.” Standing up to 350 feet high, the cliffs stretch for 10 miles along the southern coast of England, from Dover to Kingsdown. From the top of the cliffs, on a clear day, visitors can look out to sea towards France and enjoy the breathtaking view of the rolling chalk hills. Even if the sea is particularly choppy, visitors can still appreciate the grandeur of the colorful cliffs, which vary from white, to gray, to brown, depending on the light and the weather. The cliffs are an important source of fossilized dinosaur bones, due to its chalk sedimentary rock. In addition to its geological significance, the White Cliffs of Dover also holds great military and historical significance, having been a main passage point for travelers coming in and out of London and the United Kingdom during World War I and World War II.

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