The Shard


The Shard - 从 Riverside, United Kingdom
The Shard - 从 Riverside, United Kingdom
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The Shard
📍 从 Riverside, United Kingdom
The Shard is a 95-storey skyscraper standing at 309.6 meters tall, making it the tallest building in the UK and the 8th tallest in Europe. It houses offices, a multi-faceted public viewing gallery, residential area, and a shopping centre, creating a vibrant fusion of business and leisure. The spectacular architectural structure of The Shard offers spectacular views of London, with clear views of many famous landmarks including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the London Eye. There are also several eateries, bars and a hotel in The Shard as well as leisure activities such as the art deco cinema and the observatory on the top known as the ‘View from the Shard’. The Shard is a popular spot for tourists and photographers alike, providing a great vantage point of the city and allowing for creative photo opportunities.

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