The Blue Lagoon


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The Blue Lagoon - 从 Beach, Cyprus
The Blue Lagoon - 从 Beach, Cyprus
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The Blue Lagoon
📍 从 Beach, Cyprus
The Blue Lagoon in Ayia Napa, Cyprus is a picturesque beach with clear, turquoise waters. Set on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it's an idyllic spot for a relaxing swim, with shallow waters and fine white sand. The waters are teeming with diverse marine life and offer ample opportunity for snorkeling and diving. The nearby area is full of interesting attractions to explore, from the local fishing village to the nearby Makronissos Beach. Ayia Napa has a thriving nightlife, with colorful bars and clubs. The landscape of the Blue Lagoon provides the perfect backdrop to a perfect holiday, making it a must-see destination in Cyprus.

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