Terenez Bridge


Terenez Bridge - France
Terenez Bridge - France
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Terenez Bridge
📍 France
Terenez Bridge is an iconic and beautifully constructed suspension bridge that stands near the village of Rosnoën, in the north of France. The bridge was opened in 1971 and connects the nave river to the local motorway. It is made up of two roads, with one dedicated to each passing direction. Although it may not appear imposing in size, the designer, Jean Claude Morche, cleverly made use of the granite hillsides and forest to create a beautiful backdrop. The bridge's main structure is comprised of steel girders and it has a total span of 571 feet. The blue coloured steel girders beautifully contrast against the green landscape and its surrounding. A visit to this bridge offers an excellent opportunity to observe and appreciate the beauty of nature in France. Travelers and photographers can make use of the two dedicated footpaths on both sides of the bridge for a scenic stroll. For those who wish to capture a picture, the bridge offers a stunning view of the stunning Nave River.

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