Te Pare


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Te Pare - 从 Hahei Beach, New Zealand
Te Pare - 从 Hahei Beach, New Zealand
Te Pare
📍 从 Hahei Beach, New Zealand
Located on the east coast of New Zealand’s beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, Te Pare and Hahei Beach is a stunning stretch of golden sand flanked by towering cliffs. To the north is the iconic sea arch "Cathedral Cove" and, to the south, the Moerangi Te-Tahi Cave. Te Pare, Maori for "The Bluffs", features viewpoints from atop the rugged clifftops, giving visitors unparalleled views along the pristine coastline. The beach is small but secluded and swimming is generally calm. The nearby town of Hahei is an idyllic spot planted between long stretches of secluded white-sanded beaches and a beautiful tropical bay. There are loads of activities to enjoy in the area such as an underwater marine reserve, safe and scenic hiking trails, kayak tours, and fishing. Be sure to also visit nearby Hot Water Beach, a naturally heated beach and swimming area volcanic hotspots.

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