Suspension Bridge


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Suspension Bridge - United States
Suspension Bridge - United States
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Suspension Bridge
📍 United States
The Suspension Bridge in Palatka, United States, is a unique landmark in the city and a popular tourist attraction. Spanning the St. Johns River, this structure was built in 1876 and is the longest historic suspension bridge in the state of Florida. This 520-foot bridge is made up of two towers and a mesh of steel wires connecting them. Locals and visitors alike take a stroll up to the bridge to admire the view over the river and the distant hills. There are many benches and lookout points to stop and enjoy the sights from the top of the bridge. The bridge is also own for its streetlights, which light up the night for pedestrians and cyclists. On the eastern side of the bridge is the St. Johns River's Waterfront Park, a great spot to take a break and stretch your legs. Make sure to capture some great photos of the bridge while you are in the area.

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