Start Lornie Trail


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Start Lornie Trail - 从 Path, Singapore
Start Lornie Trail - 从 Path, Singapore
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Start Lornie Trail
📍 从 Path, Singapore
Start Lornie Trail is one of Singapore's most popular hiking trails and is perfect for nature lovers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The trail is about 12 km, and it goes through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, allowing visitors to admire the lush greenery of the forest and spot some local wildlife, including monkeys and birds. Start Lornie Trail is connected to the MacRitchie Nature Trail, the longest in Singapore, and it is also an easy hike, suitable for all fitness levels. Along the trail are several facilities, including toilets and rest shelters, to give hikers the chance to enjoy a convenient and enjoyable trip. To reach the entrance of Start Lornie Trail, visitors take the Cookoo Trail from Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, located off Lornie Road.

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