South Haven Lighthouse


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South Haven Lighthouse - United States
South Haven Lighthouse - United States
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South Haven Lighthouse
📍 United States
South Haven Lighthouse is a beautiful spot located on the Lake Michigan beach in South Haven, United States. The lighthouse, originally built in 1903, stands at a height of 64 feet and shines bright with its '3rd order' Fresnel lens beacon. Overlooking the lake beach, it is one of the landmarks of South Haven rather popular for its historical significance. The lighthouse today serves as a U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation and it is also open to public in July and August. It can also be accessed by joining one of the Summer Tours organised by the Van Buren History Museum. Visitors can learn more about its history and process in the periods. The lighthouse is great to appreciate the beauty of Lake Michigan and its surrounding areas, or for a great coastal walk. It is also a great spot for its captivating sunset views. It is worth visiting for its unique position and its view of the waterfront.

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