Somerset House


Somerset House - 从 Courtyard, United Kingdom
Somerset House - 从 Courtyard, United Kingdom
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Somerset House
📍 从 Courtyard, United Kingdom
Somerset House is a spectacular neo-classical building located next to the River Thames in Greater London. It was originally designed by Sir William Chambers in 1776 as part of his "Grand Plan”. Today, the building serves as a hub for cultural activities and hosts a variety of public events and festivals throughout the year. Many institutions and organizations are also located within the site, such as the Courtauld Gallery, the Gilbert Collection, East Wing galleries, Embankment galleries, the State Apartments, and a cinema. At the center of the complex is the beautiful Fountain Court, an event and exhibition space as well as a public courtyard with amazing views of the Thames. Somerset House is an ideal spot for photographers and sightseers, offering an array of wonderful photos opportunities.

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