Sombrio Beach


Sombrio Beach - Canada
Sombrio Beach - Canada
Sombrio Beach
📍 Canada
Sombrio Beach is located in Port Renfrew, Canada. It is a stunning stretch of sand, bordered by rocky points and thick Pacific forest. It's known for its deep, pebble-strewn beach, dramatic ocean surf, and incredible sunsets. Popular activities include fishing, swimming, beachcombing and surfing. On a calm day, the waves are perfect for boogie boarders, kite surfers, and windsurfers. Many brave souls even take to the icy-cold waters for a bit of surfing, although cold water wetsuits are recommended. There are plenty of wildlife to observe, including bald eagles, river otters and sea lions. The beach is surrounded by luscious rainforest that's filled with wildflowers and mushrooms in the spring, and a few flat, wide trails lead right to the shore.

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