Sloten's Windmill


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Sloten's Windmill - Netherlands
Sloten's Windmill - Netherlands
Sloten's Windmill
📍 Netherlands
Sloten's Windmill is an iconic landmark located in the quaint village of Sloten, Netherlands. Built in the late 18th century, the original windmill was modified a few times but is still a lovely part of the Dutch countryside. As one of the last remaining windmills in the region, the windmill adds a charming and picturesque element to the village and its stunning harbor. Not only is the windmill itself a sight to behold, but the sights and sounds it creates in the village make it worth exploring. There is a beautiful nature preserve that winds around the harbor, along with numerous canals and streams which make for great photography. The rich and vibrant colors of the iris fields create an otherworldly atmosphere - one that simply must be experienced. There is a pedestrian walkway that takes you close to the harbor, with plenty of viewpoints to get a great look at Sloten's windmill and its beautiful surroundings.

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