Sheldon Reynolds Falls


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Sheldon Reynolds Falls - United States
Sheldon Reynolds Falls - United States
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Sheldon Reynolds Falls
📍 United States
Sheldon Reynolds Falls is an eye-catching waterfall tucked away in the Echo Lake valley of Mount Echo Park in United States. With a height of 70 feet and a wide basin of shallow water, the site creates a natural backdrop for any photographer or traveler looking to capture the beauty of nature. The area is filled with lush forest, and the falls themselves cascade over moss-covered rocks in the key of a well-tuned symphony creating a peaceful, calming atmosphere. There are plenty of photo opportunities while standing atop the falls or while walking around the extensive pathways that wind around the scenery. For visitors looking to explore the area further, established trails link to the nearby lakes and valleys, and the rustic charm of the small village of Echo Lake is just a short drive away.

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