Secretariat Building


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Secretariat Building - 从 Rajpath, India
Secretariat Building - 从 Rajpath, India
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Secretariat Building
📍 从 Rajpath, India
The Secretariat Building in New Delhi, India, is an iconic landmark for the country, representing the intricate history of the nation. Located at the end of Rajpath, the monumental structure is circled by the majestic India Gate. Constructed by the British between 1912 and 1936, it is made up of two independent large edifices - the North and the South Blocks. The North Block is home to the Ministry of External Affairs, whereas the South Block houses the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministries of Defense, Home Affairs and Finance. The complexes are connected by the impressive central, white-marbled building, the Central Secretariat. The building is a great example of British colonial architecture and makes for a great backdrop to a variety of photographs.

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