Sea Stack


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Sea Stack - 从 Porte D'Aval, France
Sea Stack - 从 Porte D'Aval, France
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Sea Stack
📍 从 Porte D'Aval, France
Étretat is a small resort town in Normandy, France, best known for its iconic white chalk cliffs, beach, and sea stacks. The Sea Stack and Porte D'Aval are an impressive sight. The Sea Stack is an immense rock archway sculpted out of the sea by centuries of erosion, while Porte D'Aval is a wide rock archway created by the waves in the much further south. Both cliffs bare stunning beauty and offer stunning views of the ocean and the sky. Étretat is best known as a beach resort and is a great place to spend the day with the family, go for a hike, or just relax. There are also several restaurants and cafés to take a break at during your visit. Étretat is also a great place to take photographs of the stunning views of the beach and the cliffs. So, if you are ever in Normandy, don't miss out on Étretat and its two iconic rock archways!

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