San Leo Castle


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San Leo Castle - 从 City of San Leo, Italy
San Leo Castle - 从 City of San Leo, Italy
San Leo Castle
📍 从 City of San Leo, Italy
San Leo Castle in San Leo, Italy is an impressive hilltop fortress that towers over the valley below. The castle overlooks the valley and nearby Montefeltro Marquisate and is one of the most iconic sights in the area. The fortress gained much of its fame from Francesca da Rimini, who was held prisoner here by her husband, in the late 13th century. The castle's core is a 10th-century keep, surrounded by further fortifications of walls and towers which were added over the centuries. Its walls are incredibly thick, and date back to the time of the Malatesta family. Within the castle you’ll find a museum showcasing historical artifacts and documents of the noblemen who occupied the castle throughout their rule. Inside the museum, visitors can also visit a few frescoed rooms and learn more about the castle's impressive history. Outside the castle walls, a picturesque village with narrow cobbled streets awaits to be explored. Be sure to take a stroll through these streets, admiring the little village's charm.

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