Saint Paul´s Cathedral


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Saint Paul´s Cathedral - 从 The Shard, United Kingdom
Saint Paul´s Cathedral - 从 The Shard, United Kingdom
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Saint Paul´s Cathedral
📍 从 The Shard, United Kingdom
The Saint Paul's Cathedral is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Greater London. Located on Ludgate Hill, the highest point of the City of London, it is an iconic landmark of Anglican heritage and architecture. The cathedral, designed by the renowned architect Sir Christopher Wren, is a multi-leveled construction that incorporates an internal court and three-tiered towers with four diminishing turret domes at the roof, giving it a unique silhouette. A broad stone staircase in the east end, known as the Grand Entrance, lead visitors up to the nave. During services and special events, musical performances often take place in the cathedral and visitors can enjoy the vivid displays of light created by its stained-glass windows. The interior of the building offers much to explore, including numerous monuments, memorials, and artistic masterpieces by artists such as Grinling Gibbons. While here, visitors can take time to appreciate the peaceful atmosphere that accompanies the ethereal music and hymns coming from the Choir of Saint Paul's.

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