Sai Wan Swimming Shed


Sai Wan Swimming Shed - Hong Kong
Sai Wan Swimming Shed - Hong Kong
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Sai Wan Swimming Shed
📍 Hong Kong
Sai Wan Swimming Shed is a unique historical structure situated on the hillside of Mount Davis in Hong Kong. The structure is believed to have been built in the 1920s to serve as a swimming pool for nearby military barracks. Despite its crumbling condition, the swimming shed has become a popular attraction for its interesting architecture and for the stunning views of the harbor and adjacent countryside it affords visitors. The shed is composed of a large concrete bowling-alley-like room surrounded by walls with dramatic archways. Its asymmetrical outer walls are constructed of large stones and pebbles, and look almost like a small fortress. Inside, visitors can easily spot the remains of the original steps leading to the shallow pool. At the entrance, there is a bronze statue of a swimmer. Although no longer safe for swimming, Sai Wan Swimming Shed has become a favorite spot for many travelers and photographers looking for a unique and interesting backdrop for their photos.

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